3D Modular Welding Table

3D modular table comes with same features with side plates along side of welding table which gives extra working face for fixture building and gives flexibility to modify fixture accordingly

2D Modular Welding Table

2D modular table consist a plaform made up of modular steel plate having precision holes where accessories fits and assembled together to built up fixture.

The holes provides flexibility to move, adiust and relocate clamping accessories according to job.

These table comes with nitriding coatinng which is mechanical polish and post saltbath oxidative process gives an corrosive, sptter free surface.

Technical Specifications

Plate Material
Frame Material
Table Flatness
Hole Diameter
Hole pitch
Plate Thickness
Niriding case depth
Surface hardness

Product Availability

Model No Length (mm) Width(mm) Height(mm) Loading Capacity
WT-3D-3015 3000 1500 750/900 2000 kg
WT-3D-2412 2400 1200 750/900 2000 kg
WT-3D-2110 2100 1000 750/900 1800 kg
WT-3D-1510 1500 1000 750/900 1000 kg
WT-3D-1212 1200 1200 750/900 1000 kg
WT-3D-1010 1050 1000 750/900 1000 kg

Fixture Examples

Plate Extension
Plate Extension
Sqaure Frame Fixture
Sqaure Frame Fixture
IC Application
IC Application